I have published several PayPal selling plugins on Joomla platform before. These PayPal Joomla Extensions will help you easily enable the Joomla website selling products for your customers. PayPal Joomla extensions are using the PayPal API to receive the money to your PayPal account. Therefore, you have to get the PayPal API credentials when you are setting up the extensions in Joomla. You can follow these steps.

Login PayPal Account

First, please login your account at PayPal website. After you logged in, you will see the summary page, which looks like below:

As PayPal provides different page for different PayPal account (personal account or business account), the summary page may look like different. For example:

But please don't worry. I find a common way to the setting pages, whatever your account is personal account or business account.

Go API Credentials Page

Please access the PayPal API credentials page by clicking here. The API credentials page looks like:

Please scroll down the page and find the NVP/SOAP API integration (Classic) section. Then click the Manage API credentials link in the section.

Request API Credentials

If you are the first to get the API credentials, you will be asked to click "Request API Credentials" option.

In the next coming page, you will be asked to "Request API Signature".

Again, the page may look differently as PayPal will show different user interface in different countries and different account types.

Copy API Signature

On the API signature page, you will see the API username, API password, and signature. You can click the "show" button next to the labels and get your API information. Please note that your API username and password are different from your PayPal account username and password.


Because PayPal give a different user interface for different account types in different countries. So the page you looks may be different from which I post here. If you have problems to get PayPal API credentials or API signatures, you can send me email for help or you can call your local PayPal support. The PayPal support is free and they will guide you step by step to get your API information.