Zopim is a great Live chat tool for you to satisfy your visitors on your website, including Joomla. Zopim lets your have real-time conversations with your visitors through Website, iPhone or Android phone and tablets. It is free and easy to embed in your website.

Get Zopim Embed HTML Code

Just like Google website products, such as Google Ads and Google Analytics, you can easily get Zopim working on your website, with a piece of Javascript code. Here are the steps to guide you embed Zopim in your Joomla website:

  1. Register a Zopim Account (Free)
  2. Log in to Zopim Dashboard
  3. Go to Widget and Copy Zopim widget HTML source code

Insert Zopim Widget Source Code in Joomla

After copying the html source code, you need to log in your Joomla website administrator page and paste Zopim widget source code in your template html file. Here are the stops:

  1. Find "Extensions", hover your cursor over it and click at "Template Manager"
  2. Click the template which you are using
  3. Click at "Edit main page template" to edit the template
  4. Paste your Zopim widget source code right before the </head> tag
  5. Click at "Save" above the editor and down!
  6. Refresh your home page and you will find the zopim chat at bottom right of your website.
  7. You can also customize your logo in the zopim chat window.

Learn more about Zopim here.