To build a e-commerce website is quite easy, especially with free Joomla templates. In this century, more and more people start doing their own business online. Photographers build their own websites to sell their photographic online. Graphic designers build their own websites to sell their graphic designs online. Authors build their own websites to sell their ebooks online. Even software engineers build their own websites to sell their apps.

For people like you and me without any technical skills, building our own website become much simple. Build your website on Joomla, running an online e-Commerce website become easy and cheap. For an e-Commerce website, a suitable Joomla template is very important. Today, I will introduce several Joomla free templates for you. All Joomla templates here are responsive Joomla templates.

Music Free

This is one of the best Joomla templates download for free. With this free template, you can make your own music Joomla website. Music Free Joomla template is fully responsive so if your users prefer to connect with mobile or tablet browsers they will still keep informed of the latest music news without any effort. The template is totally free.


Elastica is a great Joomla template for free. It is beautiful and well presented responsive. It is almost suitable for all type of websites.

Leo Restro Joomla Template Free

Leo Restro is a Responsive Template for Joomla which means it will work properly under any resolutions and screen sizes such as iPhone, Android and other mobile devices, tablets. It is designed for showcase, profolios and blog sites. This free Joomla template is suitable for people who want to build photographic e-Commerce website, graphic design e-Commerce website, or even ebooks e-Commerce website. This template only works on Jooma 2.5

Meet Gavern

Meet Gavern is another great responsive and bootstrap-based free Joomla template. The pure bootstrap based design is very suitable to build service based and product based e-Commerce website.



Oneweb is a basic Joomla template which is build with responsive design.